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Galaxy is a all in one bot like mee6 rythem and ticket tool all in one with more coming soon!

Developer: JuiceWrlld#9999 

Prefix: G!

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You Need:

A Staff Team Role You Need A Logs Channel You Need Welcome Channel And A Leave Channel You Need a announcements Channel You Need a reports Channel You Need a Transcript Cannel You A Tickets Category And More Check Discord For All The Stuff u Need

My Story:

hello Galaxy was an idea that started about a year ago and it was a off and on bot and what i mean by that is i stoped working on and it started again it was always a dream of mine t obe a verifed bot dev and hopfully Galaxy can be that i would really appreciate it if u add Galaxy to ur discord servers servers and u can donate here if u would like: paypal.me/EnvoHosting and i plan on adding a webpanel soon thanks

ok so galaxy is a Ai1 bot witch mean it has some of everything but right now it is only a Server info command and a user command with more commands in dev but i plan on making Galaxy Great and we are looking for devs to help develop the bot and yeah i hope yall like my bot :)