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Takara 宝

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Takara is a fun project. It's a simple Discord Bot. Moderation, Music, Fun, Utility, Levelling, Economy, Setup and NSFW!

Developer: Kommunikation#8575 

Prefix: t! or custom prefix

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What is Takara?
Takara is a fun project started by @Kommunikation.

The project is a simple discord bot made with [Discord.JS](https://discord.js.org/).

In this repository you will be able see the source code for the bot.

Which categories does the bot cover?

  • Moderation
  • Music
  • Fun
  • Utility
  • Level
  • Economy
  • Setup
  • NSFW

Can I use the bot in my discord server?

Yes, you can invite it to your discord server.

You can invite the bot by clicking here.

The bot is currently hosted on a Linux-VServer and should be up and running (We are currently searching for a better host).

If you need any help setting the bot up, join the support server.

What about the stored data?

  • What data we store:
    • Discord User information
    • Discord Guild information
  • We are able to manage the stored data:
    • We can show you everything that is stored about you.
    • We store the data to improve the quality of our services.
  • How we store the collected data:
    • The data is stored directly on a non-writeable Database.
    • The database is not public or accessible to everyone.
  • Personal information:
    • The data stored for the profile command can be deleted at any time.
    • We don't knowingly collect any personal identifiable information from children under the age of 13.
    • If you can't delete your data, we strongly recommend you to contact us immediately.
    • If you don't want your data to be public, we will try to remove it from our records as soon as possible.