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Tritan Bot

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Tritan is a multipurpose bot with a focus on clear music streaming!

Developer: Dylan J#0001 

Prefix: *

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Tritan Bot

Tritan Bot is a Discord Verified general purpose bot built with discord.js and express (yes, it has a dashboard included). Please read through the docs before even thinking about running this yourself.

Can I add Tritan Bot to my server?

Yes, please go here to invite the bot. If you require support, or you would like to give any feedback or suggestions, please join the support server.


While there is no documentation to run Tritan Bot yourself because it's not suggested, please visit this website for more information on the commands and setup available.

Features & Commands

> Note: The default prefix is *

  • Play music from YouTube via url
  • Play music from YouTube via search query
  • Play music from Soundcloud via url
  • Search and select music to play
  • Play youtube playlists via url
  • Play youtube playlists via search query
  • Now Playing
  • Queue system
  • Loop / Repeat
  • Shuffle
  • Volume control
  • Lyrics
  • Pause
  • Resume
  • Skip to song # in queue
  • Help Command
  • Media Controls via Reactions
  • Enhanced Logging
  • Easy to Use Utilities
  • Necessary but Enhanced Infractions
  • Join/Leave Logging
  • Ban Logging
  • Unban Logging
  • Kick Logging
  • Channel Creation/Deletion Logging
  • Channel Update Logging
  • Role Creation/Deletion Logging
  • Role Update Logging
  • Deleted Message Logging
  • Message Purging with Logs
  • Gifs for everything
  • Fact commands
  • Topic commands
  • Memes
  • Quotes
  • Suggestions
  • User information
  • Fetch User ID
  • Fetch Avatar
  • Moderation Tools
  • Clean, Kick, Ban, Warn
  • AFK System
  • and many more commands!



  • The music aspect of this bot is inspired by Evobot.