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Multi functional discord bot that is fully operational in slash commands

Developer: Mike hawk#9196 

Prefix: /

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Tired of remembering prefixes for those 15 single purpose bots in your server?
Want to have it all in one bot?
Defaultic is the solution!

Our modules/plugins include:

General usage commands such as user-info, server-info, etc. Fun commands. Featuring discord-together to enjoy watching youtube with your friends or even playing some minigames! Advanced lavalink powered music system with saveable and loadable playlists. Auto Moderation, Including word blacklisting and settable punishments for each blacklisted word. Moderation, Including a case system (Track all moderation performed with Defaultic.) Auto roles Server security with basic features; channel locking, server locking, anti nuke. Logging. Starboard. Posting system. Suggestion system. Roblox system including group binding and group blacklisting for those groups you really dont appriecate. Reminders

None of our features are behind paywalls! Any restricted commands will mean you would have to join our support server to unlock them in your server!