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Jiraiya is a music bot with which you can play from SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify.

Developer: charlee🎃#0012 

Prefix: j! / customizable

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If you have any suggestions please shoot me message on Discord: charlee#0012

Info Commands Music Commands
Commands Description Usage Commands Description Usage
Invite Sends user invite link. j!invite Loop Loop current track. j!loop
Stats Displays bot stats. j!stats Lyrics Gets current songs lyrics. j!lyrics
Premium Displays the premium menu. j!premium Queue Gets the bots current playing songs. j!queue
Premium Commands NowPlaying Displays current playing song. j!nowplaying
Bassboost Bassboost the current track. j!bassboost Remove Remove a desired track from the queue. j!remove
Pitch Adjust the pitch of the song. j!speed Shuffle Shuffles the queue. j!shuffle
Playlist Create load and view playlists that you made. j!playlist Skip Skips the current track. j!skip
Speed Change the speed of the song. j!speed Voteskip Vote to skip the current song. j!voteskip
Volume Adjust the volume of the bot. j!volume Stop Stops all the music in the server. j!stop
Utility Commands Play Play a song. j!play
Help Displays help command. j!help Back Go back to the previous song. j!back
Settings Change bot settings. j!settings Skipto Skip to a certain song. j!skipto
Link to Bot: Invite Bot!
Link to Support Server: Server Link
Any issues contact: charlee#0012
Pause Pause the queue. j!pause
Resume Resume the queue. j!resume
Clear Clear the queue. j!clear