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Frying Pan Bot Avatar

Frying Pan Bot

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Frying Pan Bot is a multi-purpose bot designed to enhance your discord server. Has moderation, fun, and utility commands

Developer: Frying Pan#9999 

Prefix: !

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Frying Pan Bot

Frying Pan Bot has many commands that is designed to boost up your discord server! It has moderation, fun, and utility commands!


kick: kicks a member
ban: bans a member
mute: mutes a member
unmute: unmutes a member
unban: unbans a member
softban: softbans a member
slowmode: turns on slowmode in a channel
nickname: can nickname a member


8ball: asks the 8ball a question
animal: shows a random animal
dog: shows a random dog
cat: shows a random cat
kitten: shows a random kitten
hamster: shows a random hamster
meme: gets a random meme from Reddit
calculate: calculates your math problem


setprefix: sets the bot's prefix
nickname: changes the bot's nickname
welcome: can set the bot's welcome message in a channel

There are many more features in Frying Pan Bot that you can find out by INVITING it now!
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