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We now have a Discord server!

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Requirement Giveaways? Application System? Invite/Message/VC Tracker? Levels with Role Reward? Tickets? Antispam?

Developer: Joshua | Rem-Chan#1378 

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Demo: https://demo.discortics.ga [Works in most browsers]
Docs: https://docs.discortics.ga
Dashboard: https://discortics.ga


We place great emphasis on annihilating limits and boundaries that hinder you from accomplishing your dreams.
Discortics™ is a powerful multi-purpose Discord bot.
Being Completely FREE, the bot brings premium features right at your fingertips.


◉ Completely Free!
◉ 24/7 Online & The Lowest Ping!
◉ Premium Features
◉ Latest UI Trend
◉ Easy To Use


➣ Requirement Giveaways
➣ Leveling System with Role Rewards & Custom Level up Message
➣ Invite/Message/Voice/Speech Trackers
➣ Softicated Member graphs & Stats
➣ Unlimited economy & fun commands
➣ Reaction Ticket System
➣ Powerful Antispam Filter
➣ Confession/Suggestion Channel Management


The bot comes with the latest AI. Ping the bot to speak with it. [Checkout the DEMO]


We have an outstanding giveaway system. Discortics can handle multiple requirement giveaways such as
level/message/invite/voice/speech/role/server/account age/join age.
Discortics supports multiple entries, blacklisting & bypasses.
Discortics can also end giveaways when the provided reaction limit is reached. Custom emotes are also supported

gstart: Start the giveaway startup guide
gdrop: Start a giveaway in just one message
greroll: Discortics can reroll giveaways by other bots too, in a way, from any message.
It chooses the winner from the first of the reacted emotes.
gconfig: Change emote, multiple entries/blacklists/bypasses


Social & Anime commands to boost your server activity. Share your feelings & love through animated images

social: 25+ Anime commands such as hug/kiss/poke/bite/revive etc
character: Search up anime characters
marry/divorce: Marry/Divorce a user


Discortics comes with powerful promising moderation tools to manage your server

warn/mute/kick/ban: Basic Moderation Commands
temp-ban: Ban a user for a particular time period
purge/nuke: Purge up to 1000 messages at once. Nuke deletes all the messages from a channel


These commands entertain your members. It keeps them engaged in activities

trump: Make trump say anything [Sends MP3]
obama: Make Obama say anything [Sends MP4]
insult: Insult someone
8ball: Question the 8Ball Oracle
afk: Go AFK with a note. [Global System]
color: Fetch a Specific Color or a Color Pale