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Acuity has multiple features such as AutoMod, levels, music, tickets and more! Stop spammers, giveaway something or list

Developer: Codinq#6666 

Prefix: a!

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Acuity is an advanced but simple to use bot for Discord. Acuity has many features that can make your server better.

Reaction Roles

Reaction roles is one of the modules of Acuity, and lets your server-members get roles by reacting to a message. You can simply access this through a!reactionroles.


Acuity can look after spammers, swearing, advertisers and people who use CAPS alot. You can enable the different Auto-Mod modules using the dashboard a!dashboard AutoMod.


Acuity can also log whenever anything happends in your server, such as server-name change, role-updates and more. You can also enable these logging features with a!dashboard advancedlogs.


Acuity has one of the most advanced applications out right now. You can have more than one application, and you can easily create applications. You can create applications using a!applications and make people use a!apply if they want to apply.

Other features

Acuity still has more features that aren't covered in this description, you can look at the other features using the help command at a!help, and check out the command there.