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A multi-purpose discord bot that does music, moderation and other fun and useful things.

Developer: Alexmdz77#2262 

Prefix: !

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I'm a multi-purpose, easy-to-use Bot Discord that makes music, moderation, polls, giveaways and other fun and useful things.

The default prefix is !.
Use !help to get a list of commands. The prefix can be changed by using the "prefix" command. Do !help for extended information on a command.


  • Music System
    • - Supports YouTube (search/url)
    • - Pause & Resume
    • - Music Queue
    • - Volume command
  • Moderation
    • - Kick, tempban, ban, tempmute & mute
    • - Clean messages
    • - Show history
  • Settings
    • - Greeting & Farewell settings
    • - Autoroles
    • - Accessrole & Channeltoggle
    • - Membercount channel
  • Fun
    • - Coinflip & rolldice Commands
    • - Random dog & cat images
  • Information
    • - User & Server Information Commands
    • - Avatar downloader
  • 99% uptime. Hosted 24/7
  • (Coming soon) Auto moderation