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It's an entertainment games bot that contains many features and awesome games and try to provide the best experience to

Developers: _1Master#5555 .Mo7amèèèD Vallèy ,#3768

Prefix: ! (Customizable)

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Animal Commands : it shows you random animal pictures

Admin Commands : it contains commands that only adminstrators can use it like prefix changing : !setprefix and the server information !server

Fun Commands : it contains funny commands that shows random content like !yn (shows a random reponse : yes , no and maybe , !love and !hate(shows a random percent of hate , love) and many other commands

Games Commands : it contains mini games like !calculate (you have to calculate the operation) , !flags (you have to type the region's name when u see its flag) , !capitals ( you have to type the region's capital name ) and many other commands

Public Commands : it contains commands that any one can use it like !avatar command to show someone's avatar or your avatar or the avatar of the guild , !help to show the bot's commands , !support to get the support server link , !invite to get the bot's invite link , !ping to see the bot's ping and !devs to see informations about the bot's developers

To check the bot commands , type !help on your server If you have any question , you can contact our support team on our support server