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Music Control Avatar

Music Control

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🎵 Music: You can play music from most common sources like YouTube and Soundcloud

Developer: Leon#8909 

Prefix: !

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MusicControl is a Discord Bot that I find quite helpful and plays music and I wish to make it so it is helpful for everyone else’s Discord Server

    🎵 Music: You can play music from most common sources like YouTube and Soundcloud!

    This bot is the upgraded version of ServerControl-V1, which comes with more commands including music control!

    I'm currently in the progress of updating the bot as we speak to allow Spotify Playlists to work


    !botinfo - Shows a detailed info about the client
    !help (h) - Display all commands and descriptions
    !invite - Send bot invite link
    !loop (l) - Toggle music loop
    !lyrics (ly) - Get lyrics for the currently playing song
    !move (mv) - Move songs around in the queue
    !np - Show now playing song
    !pause - Pause the currently playing music
    !ping - Show the bot's average ping
    !play (p) - Plays audio from YouTube or Soundcloud
    !playlist (pl) - Play a playlist from youtube
    !pruning - Toggle pruning of bot messages
    !queue (q) - Show the music queue and now playing.
    !remove (rm) - Remove song from the queue
    !resume (r) - Resume currently playing music
    !search - Search and select videos to play
    !shuffle - Shuffle queue
    !skip (s) - Skip the currently playing song
    !skipto (st) - Skip to the selected queue number
    !stop - Stops the music
    !support - Support links
    !uptime - Shows how long the bot has been online
    !volume (v) - Change volume of currently playing music
    !np - Show now playing song