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Taco Delivery Bot

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Taco Delivery Bot is a bot that deliveries stuff to your server!

Developer: Aro#1221 

Prefix: .


Taco Delivery Bot is a virtual delivery bot that sends the best tacos to your server! but that's not all! we don't only deliver tacos but anything that follows our rules! memes, funny edits, other foods and most importantly tacos!

We are a team of over 50+ employees ready to deliver your order into as an image your Discord server all for your entertainment.

The main prefix for commands is ., this can be changed using .setprefix <prefix>.

How ordering look like

Main commands

  • order - the main feature of the bot! sends your order to us to deliver

  • status - views your order's status if the order is claimed it will view the employee

  • feedback - your feedback is important! sends your feedback with a rating of the order to us!

  • profile - views your user data and rank

That's not all commands! we have far more commands for you to use!

Want to suggest a feature or having an issue with your order? Join the Support Server