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Ripa Topa

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Moderation game nsfw utility fun roblox fortnite Wikipedia youtube Giveaway ticket info add captcha economy Level again+

Developer: agen5 "????°#3306 

Prefix: r/

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Ripa Topa and a multi purpose bot
You can invite Ripa Topa here

Ripa Topa to regular updates commands are updated regularly so that it is secure as much as possible

Ripa Topa at 3 help and no it's not page but the page arrives very soon y'a r/help r/2help r/3help Ripa Topa to more than 140 commands


The prefix for all command is r/ there are no commands yet to change the prefix but it happens soon

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• ?️ Moderation
• ? Game
• ? Utility
• ? Fun
• ?️ Roblox is Fortnite
• ? Giveaway
• ?️ Ticket
• ? Info
• ?️ Captcha
• ⚖️ Economy
• ?‍♂️Level
• ?? Action is Covid-19
•? Anti Link

?️ Moderation

Commands      Description      Arguments      Exemple     
r/ban,r/unban,r/kick (r/ban for life you can unban it and kick it can come back) r/ban (user),r/kick (user) (reason) ban "????°#3306 Kick ?Tabby_Bbytaa? #6475 Insult + infractions
r/warn,r/resetwarn (r/warn tightens when a member makes a reset warn infringements it's to remove any warning from the person) r/warn (user),r/resetwarn (user). Warn ♤▪Klayre▪♤ #7125 Send image Prohibited resetwarn LeMecATabby #4242
r/clear,r/purge(r/clear And the number of messages you want to delete r/purge Clear 1000 message ) r/clear (number),r/purge none. Clear 34 purge none
r/suggestion,r/password (r/suggestion to send a command suggestion and r/password to have a powerful password) r/suggestion (message) r/password none. suggestion Make a commands food password none
r/roleinfo (r/roleinfo is trying to get information about a specific role) r/roleinfo (mention role). roleinfo @Partenership

? Game

Commands      Description    Arguments      Exemple     
r/ms,r/ship r/ms a small games will come out Mine sweep ship it's a percentage of love with a picture none,r/ship (user Mention 1) (user Mention 2) none,ship LeMecATabby #4242 ?Tabby_Bbytaa? #6475
r/rpg,r/octogone r/rpg you put a random stuff and you can change it all the time octagon it's a fight or a picture comes out none,r/octogone (mention user) none,octogone "????°#3306
r/gay,r/battle r/gay Sort out a percent of statistics to find out at what level you're gay battle you're fighting with a our player or member none (optional),r/battle (mention) none (optional),battle ?Tabby_Bbytaa? #6475
r/8ball,r/rusr 8 Ball It's you posed a question is the bot you Answers Rusr it's Roulette russe r/8ball (question) r/rusr none 8ball it's real beautiful,rusr none
r/iq,r/hack r/iq makes a statistique iq r/hack it's a fun commands that I let you discover r/iq (mention optional),none iq ?Tabby_Bbytaa? #6475 (optional),hack (none)
r/rps rps it's a kind of rpg like the r/rpg commands none none

?️Roblox Is Fortnite

Commands      Description      Arguments      Exemple     
r/rp,r/rba r/rp means roblox profile and r/rba PutsAn image of the skin of the person you wroteAn image of the skin of the person you wrote r/rp (name profil roblox),r/rba (name profil roblox) does not make any mistake otherwise its not put it rp NiakirldBG,rba Zkzyah2xzsr
r/fortniteshop,r/fortnitestats fortnite Shop puts you the shop this day fortnite stats you put a name and you can see the stats none,r/fortnitestats (Name Profil Fortnite) none,fortnitestats Couscous

?Giveaway? (Beta)

Commands      Description      Arguments      Exemple     
r/giveaway,r/end Giveaway it's a draw or there's a winner or several winners but it's still under construction r/end it's to know the winner at the end of time r/giveaway(time) (prize),none giveaway 4d Nitro boost ×5,none
r/reroll it's a reroll when a member that a win is that come not search his reward you can reroll for denotes that he randomly chooses a winner none none

?️Ticket (Beta)

Commands      Description      Arguments      Exemple     
r/ticket Just make this order and its will activate but it's still under construction it's just the beta r/ticket (message help) ticket help me a member a insult someone

? Info

COMMANDS      Description      Arguments      Exemple     
r/serverinfo,r/user Have r/serverinfo you can have the info server is r/user for have information about a user none,r/user (mention user) (optional) none,r/user "????°#3306 (optional)
r/botinfo r/botinfo for have the info of bot none none

?️Captcha (Beta)

Commands      Description      Arguments      Exemple     
r/captcha,r/verif 1# set channel 2#set role 3#Change permissions for all Channels This captcha is the official beta and still going ^^ none,r/verif (The number that's coming out when you would r/captcha) none,verif ex the number that Fate It's Sje83H
r/setcaptchachannel,r/setrole 1# set channel 2#set role 3#Change permissions for all Channels This captcha is the official beta and still going ^^ r/setcaptchachannel (#channel),r/setrole (@role) setcaptchachannel #vérification,setrole @member

⚖️ Economy

Commands      Description      Arguments      Exemple     
r/bal,r/with r/bal it's for look Your money is r/with it's for Recover of money none,r/with (number or all) none,with 728 (optional)
r/dep,r/rob r/dep it's for Put of money in in his bank is r/rob it's for robed of money none,r/rob (@user) none,r/rob @"????°#3306
r/crime,r/work crime it's code for have of money r/work it's the same thing none,none none,none
r/casino,r/addmoney r/casino it's for game The casino is r/addmoney it's for add money r/casino (number),r/addmoney (@user) (number) r/casino 300,r/addmoney @???????.#6396 2992
r/resetmoney,r/removemoney r/resetmoney it's for reset all your money is r/removemoney it's for remove a number of money r/resetmoney (@user),r/removemoney (@user) (number) r/resetmoney @♤▪Klayre▪♤#7125,r/removemoney @♤▪Klayre▪♤#7125 100000
r/givemoney,r/leader r/givemoney it's for give of money of are counting r/leader it's for see the leaderboard r/givemoney (@user) (number),none givemoney @?Tabby_Bbytaa? 100,none
r/roulette,r/roulette-info r/roulette it's a game for winings of money is r/roulette-info it's for have in info on roulette games r/roulette (number) (space),none roulette (number) (space),none

?‍♂️ Level

Commands      Description      Arguments      Exemple     
r/rank it's for look are rank it's level and that position r/rank (@user optional) rank @"????° (optional)

?? Action is Level

Commands      Description      Arguments      Exemple     
r/covid Covid for have in informations on covid-19 r/covid (country) r/covid (country)
r/slap,r/randomslap r/slap By mentioning someone you can give it a slap and r/randomslap it's for giving someone a slap random r/slap (mention user),none r/slap @"????°,none
r/kiss,r/randomkiss r/kiss is to give someone a kiss by mentioning it and r/randomkiss give someone a random kiss r/kiss (mention user),none r/kiss @"????°,none
r/hug,r/randomhug r/hug is to give someone a hug by mentioning it and r/randomhug give someone a random hug r/hug (mention user),none r/hug @"????°,none
r/cookie,r/cat r/cookie it's for give a cookie at the bot Is r/cat it's for have a cat image and you can write by fessing r/cat (message) none,r/cat (message or none) none,r/cat hmmmm hélo ?
r/bang,r/randombang r/bang is to give someone a bang by mentioning it and r/randombang give someone a random bang r/bang (mention user),none r/bang @"????°,none
r/dog,r/scream r/dog a dog image comes out and you can even write by feigning r/dog (message) Is r/scream it's a meme that you can create r/dog (message or none),r/scream (text1)/(text2) r/dog ohhhhh ahh I dont know,r/scream yeahh of the scream/NOOO
r/reddit For have a image random reddit site none none

? Anti Link

Commands      Description      Arguments      Exemple     
r/antilink on You can enable with this command so that members don't advertise in your server none none
r/antilink off With this r/antilink off you can disable anti Link with that none none