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A multipurpose bot for fun, utility, moderation, music, nsfw, join/leave messages, and Valorant.

Developer: OblivionGhoul#5842 

Prefix: -

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Join my discord server here!

Invite the bot to your server here!

Visit my website here!

This bot is still a work in progress so the command list below might not be the up to date! I will also add more commands.

The default prefix for this bot is [-].

Bot Commands

Use the help command to get the most updated list of bot commands. (-help)


Meme, Roast, Ascii, Advice, Joke, Coin, Kpop, 8Ball, PP, RPS, Christmas, Snake, Dog, Cat, Hug, Kanna, Tic-Tac-Toe, Poggers, ChangeMyMind, Sign, PH, Animemes, Waifus, AnimeQuote.


Calc, Userinfo, Avatar, Weather, Serverinfo, Botinfo, EmojiInfo, Ping, Imdb, Emoji, Verse, Anime, ServerPicture.


Ban, Kick, Poll, Close, DM, Nickname, Setprefix.


Play, Pause, Resume, Stop, Skip, Queue, Volume, NowPlaying, Leave.

Developer Tools

Docs, Channel, Execute.


Hass, Hmidriff, Pgif, 4k, Hentai, Hneko, Hkitsune, Anal, Hanal, Gonewild, Ass, Pussy, Thigh, Hthigh, Paizuri, Tentacle, Boobs, Hboobs.


Valorant Stats, Valorant Matches, Valorant Map

Setting Up Welcome Messages

Use this command in the welcome channel to set up welcome messages. (Please note that you can do "" to send the username of the user that just joined. You can also do -simwelcome to test welcome messages.)

-setwelcome [welcome message]


-setwelcome Welcome to the server, !


Welcome to the server, @OblivionGhoul!

Setting Up Leave Messages

Use this command in the leave channel to set up leave messages. (Please note that you can do "" to send the username of the user that just joined. You can also do -simleave to test leave messages.)

-setleave [welcome message]


-setleave Goodbye, !


Goodbye, @OblivionGhoul!