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Frenzy's most advanced discord boot

Developer: 55_admin_55#4329 

Prefix: /

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How do I start to using the bot?

Very simple, connect to a channel where the bot should join by default and write .setup.Afterwards you can choose with .play and one of our three channels (for example .play one) the stream that should be played.Now the bot will also automatically connect to the channel when we release an update or the bot is gone for a short time!

⚙️ What other commands are there?

For example you could ask for the currently played song with /song or report songs you don't like with /report.If you want to have a different prefix you can change it with .And that's not all, with /help you can see all available commands!

🗣 Questions or feedback?

We are constantly developing this bot and would be happy if you share errors or suggestions for improvement on our discord so we can fix them.> At our main channel atr.one most of the moderations are still in German,so if you want nonstop the best mix we recommend our stations atr.dance & atr.trap

We wish you a lot of fun with our little project

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