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Uzox is a high quality music bot with amazing music features!

Developer: Moquent#0001 

Prefix: .

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Bot Commands Categories:

1. Music Control

Play songs and control them>

2. Queue Control

Control the queue(example: Move songs around)

3. Invites

Get server or bot invite links

4. Moderation

Command mod commands (Ban, kick, purge etc)

5. Suggestions

Suggest something

6. DJ Compatibility

Don't let the non DJs control the queue :)

7. Fun

Memes, Riddles, Facts, 8Ball etc

8. Favourites/Personal Playlists (Premium)

Add songs into your personal list of songs and play them directly

9. Audio Filters (Premium)

Add filters like bassboost, 8D, nightcore etc to the audio playing

10. Bot Configuration

Change the bot prefix etc