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A discord bot for managing Model United Nations sessions. (Harvard Style).

Developer: cattgravelyn#5042 

Prefix: !

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A discord bot for Model United Nations.


The 'Chair' role is required to use Chair commands. Delegate commands can used by anyone.

MUNchkin has a variety of commands used to aid online MUN sessions in discord. To start a session, join a voice channel and write:


This enables the rest of the commands for use.

MUNchkin has a help facility which can be used by calling !help to list all commands. More help on a certain command can be retrieved by calling:

!help [command name]

Below is the list of help information for each command:

Chair Commands:

Enables all commands for a session and invites bot to voice channel.

!register [delegate name] [status]
Status can be present (p),present and voting(pv) or absent (a)

Displays all registered delegations and their statuses.

Prints out the current general speakers list.

Remove first delegate from general speakers list.
Used just after a speaker has finished.

!speak [delegate name] [time in seconds]
Yields the floor to the delegate. Starts a timer.

!propose mod [total time in min] [speakers time in sec] [country proposed] [topic]
Propose a moderated caucus.

!propose [unmod or other] [total time in min] [country proposed]
Propose an unmod or other type of caucus.

!mod [total time in min]
Starts a timer for Mod.

!unmod [total time in min]
Starts a timer for Unmod.

!voting [topic]
Starts a non-caucus vote. Useful for final vote or amendments.

Disables session commands and disconnects bot from voice channel.
Clears GS list.

!chair [@member]
Gives chair role to another member.

Delegate Commands:

Adds your name to the general speakers list.

Alerts that you support the current debate.

Displays list of phrases, useful for preambulatory clauses.

Displays list of phrases, useful for operative clauses.

Provides information about MUNchkin.

Provides simplified ruleset for Harvard style MUN.

To end a session and disconnect the bot, run:


This disables the session commands.


Why didn't MUNchkin respond to some commands? Make sure you call !startSession In a voice channel, and that you have the role 'Chair'.

MUNchkin randomly stopped responding, went offline and reset all lists? Unfortunately, this is part of running the bot on Heroku. The Heroku environment needs a restart everyday so it may randomly restart the bot, which is unlucky if you're in the middle of a session when it happens. It should only take a few minutes to restart.

MUNchkin was down for a significant period of time, why? I've seen logs where Heroku has an internal server error. This is out of my control and it depends when Heroku fixes their problems. It may take a few hours for their engineers to fix internal problems.