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A discord bot aimed to simulate the classic game Pictionary. Drawing and guessing of pictures!

Developer: NEO#0905 

Prefix: ~ and @bot

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Command : ~start normal <rounds> <participants>

1. A game can consist of 2 to 30 players

  • All participants must be active when the game is started.

2. When the game starts each participant in the game will have a chance to draw and guess.

  • To draw, you should use MS paint or any simple paint application screenshot it and submit it. For more drawing related tips do ~ help drawing. Normally, each person gets 60 seconds to draw and 70 seconds to guess

3. You get higher points the faster you get the answer.

  • Note that the scores are built for every game session.
In-depth Guide:
~help guide
Visual tutorial:
~help tutorial
Drawing Guide:
~help drawing
Prefix Commands:
~prefix (Shows Current Prefix) ~prefix change <new_prefix>(Changes Current Prefix)
Customizable Mode:
Use ~start custom <rounds> <participants> <draw_time> <guess_time> (Same command with just more parameters)