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Hype is a Moderation, Logging, Leveling System and many more features being added and already there.

Developer: ShmexyPink#0001 

Prefix: -

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Slappy is a bot for many things like:

-> Moderation - Need something to help you moderate? Need someone to stop members from sending link?
-> Leveling/Ranking - Have a competition with friends and family and ill even add xp boost events from time to time
-> Per Server Configuration - Change my prefix, setup channels for announcement, message delete logging etc.
-> Account System - Collect badges and gain coins and see who will win the prizes.

As apart of the Hype development team we want you to give us your input with Slappy and if you find any bugs or things that we can fix please join our support server.

S-Economy is a fun economy system you gain money and also sell stuff.

S-Economy Commands:

-> sell
-> work
-> beg
S-Economy is not out at all but is being worked on by our Slappy Development Team and more features coming soon.

Completed: 24%/100%

If you have any concerns Join the support server and ask a member of staff, we all will be more than happy to help, Thank you!

Development Team:
- ShmexyPink#0001
- Human1385#4008