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Hi! I’m Chattabot. With me, you will have a helping hand with | moderation Animals | levelling | economy | and more for

Developer: TM203#9633 

Prefix: ? (Customizable)

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🐾Animals add animals on your server. Make your server fun.

🏆Leaderboards Add more competitiveness to your server for economy, levels.

📛Reaction roles Make it easier for your mods/you to give roles to your members.

🆙Levelling Add something for your members to grind for.

💰Economy Make a shop to engage more members to your server


What is Chattabot's prefix

Chattabot has a default prefix (?) this prefix is in order for Chattabot to know what is a command. Who can see my data

levelcard, suggestion data can seen by anyone in the server, Who can access ALL of the data? The data can only be accessed by Bot developer(s). Why we store the data and how we use it.

The userid plus Username is so that Chattabot can remember you data for e.g: levelcolor, levelcard, your guildid is so that Chattabot can remember the server that the command was run on. How to Remove your data

If you want to remove your data, use command 'deletemydata' this will delete all data to do with you, Then remove the bot from your server or leave.