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Kouta is a multifunctional bot with the best commands you can find

Developer: Louis.#5409 

Prefix: k! (Custom)

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Kouta bot multifunctional

Kouta is a bot which is designed for a better experience in Discord servers, to help and provide information and fun, which has about 82 commands and 8 categories, which has music to enjoy more on the server

  • It is a bot which is in version 1.8.0 and every day it continues to be developed to provide the latest updates and the latest for the entertainment of users
  • It has a support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so you will not have to wait to solve your problem with Kouta
  • It also has a customization system which are: Welcome, prefix, logs, suggestions and more will be added in the next updates
  • Invite kouta and live the best experience on the servers
  • If you need more information and help you can join the Support Server