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appa the sky bison

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a multi-purpose bot with commands in many categories including moderation fun information and other cool features

Developer: Golden Craft#1282 

Prefix: !?

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Appa the sky bison is a multi-purpose bot with commands on many categories including moderation, fun, information and more


-Moderation commands to help moderate your server and keep it safe.

-fun commands to bring a little fun to your server and make it enjoyable :D

-roleplay commands to...roleplay.

-polling commands to make polls.

-bot related commands for stuff related to the bot.

Other features:

-server prefixes to customize the bot in your server and give it a unique prefix .

How to use :

-to get started with using the bot simply do !?help to get a list off all commands u can also do !?help [category] for what the commands in that category do and their usage.

if you are still having issues or have bugs you want to report head over to the support-server