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Ascenders is a Leveling , Moderation , Music , Game , Giveaway hosting bot. Ascenders is an all purpose bot. It has the

Developer: Mr Master#1250 

Prefix: !

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Ascenders is a Leveling , Moderation , Music , Game , Giveaway hosting bot. Ascenders is an all purpose bot. It has the simplest commands and has 24/7 uptime. It has over 150 commands. It currently serves in 300+ Guilds and 200k+ users

# Features

• Host giveaways for your server with ease

• 24/7 Uptime

• Verified by Discord

• Active Updates & Support

• Simple moderation commands to keep the server clean

• Quality Music

• Has many fun games ( !help fun )

• Auto-Role feature

• Immediate Response from the Bot

Features Coming Soon

• Own Website for Ascenders

• Multi Language


You can find the commands by using the !help command. To view the categories deeper, do !help [Category]. Example like !help Moderation


If you have any questions or suggestions, we always allow it. We wanna hear the ideas of the public too. You can join our support server and ping any of the Owner or admin and help will come immediately to you.


The default prefix of our bot is ! and language is English ( More languages coming soon ) , it can be changed by using !setprefix [Prefix] or you can even ping the bot and set the prefix like @Ascenders setprefix [Prefix]

Using the Bot


To host a giveaway use !gstart #channel [time] [winners] [prize]

To end a giveaway use !gend [messageID]

To reroll a winner use !greroll [messageID]

To view more commands use !help giveaway


To ban a member use !ban [Member] [Optional Reason]

To kick a member use !kick [Member] [Optional Reason]

To mute a member use !mute [Member] [Optional Reason]

To view more commands use !help moderation


To play a song use !play [Song]

To skip a song use !skip

To pause a song use !pause

To view current song use !nowplaying or !np

To view more commands use !help music


To enable leveling use !leveling enable

To disable leveling use !leveling disable

To check the rank use !rank

To check the leaderboard use !leaderboard

To view more commands use !help level


To view and play games like Akinator , RockPaperScissors , TicTacToe etc use !help fun


Information category consists of Avatar , Calculator , Weather , Pokemon , World clock etc commands.

To view the full list use !help information


Our bot also has a chatbot

To enable the chatbot use !setchatbot #channel

And that’s it


Mr Master#1250