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A synced multi-server blacklist to help protect roblox discord servers.

Developer: SoCuul#0001 

Prefix: ? (Customizable)

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AviaSBL was created in december 2020 to solve the problem of ro-aviation blacklists. Most of them didn't blacklist people fairly and didn't have an open API or was offline half of the time.

AviaSBL on the other hand is quick, efficient, we don't false ban people and we have a great public api.


After you invite the bot to your server, run the ?syncbans command. This will sync your server's bans with our blacklist. After this, new people will automatically get banned without doing anything. You set up the bot and forget about it.

How to report

If you would like to report a user, make sure you have your DMs open and run the ?report command. The bot will send you a message and it will guide you through the reporting process, after this the staff recieve your report and will take action if we agree with your claims.


If you would like extra features, you can purchase AviaSBL premium. Unlike other bots, instead of locking main features behind paywalls, only extra features are payed.

Premium Features:

  • Priority reporting
  • A custom color for the User Information command
  • A special role on our discord server
  • Priority advertising on our discord server
  • A special premium-only chat with staff

More perks will come in the future.
You can purchase it at our website: https://aviasbl.socuul.dev/


If you need help with the bot, you can join our support server.
This is also where you can appeal a blacklist.