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RavynBot is a small multi-purpose bot with many features, including music, moderation, logging, tickets, and a number of

Developer: Ravyn#1268 

Prefix: ~

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✦ Manage your server with RavynBot! ✦

RavynBot is a fairly small bot, but it is jam packed with features, and it's ready to help manage your server!


  • Many moderation commands!
  • Extensive music features and commands!
  • Customizability (log channels, muterole, etc.)
  • Logging!
  • A ticket system!
  • Constant development, meaning new features all the time!

So consider inviting RavynBot to you server today!

Important Links


Command List

Command Description
~help Gives some basic info about the bot.
~commands Gives you help on seeing the command lists.
~invite Gives you some basic invite links for the RavynBot support server and the invite link for the bot.
~log Shows you the current settings for your logs, as well as allows you to set the log channels of a server.
~ticket Creates a support ticket in the server you are in (if tickets are enabled in that server).