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A very nice abd unique multipurpose bot to spice up every Discord Server!

Developer: justmythical#0001 

Prefix: Gg

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Without MythicalSouls severs are incomplete...

Hello Guys have you ever heard of this nice and OP Discord Bot named MythicalSouls ? No? Well I got you covered!

There once existed an OP Bot and still exists.. Its name was MythicalSouls. It could do literally anything to keep your boredom away like -

🔥》Chat with you (premium).

🔥》Play some games with you.

🔥》Play music for you.

🔥》Generate images for you.

🔥》Do giveaway by you in your server.

🔥》The best of all Economy.

🔥》And more..

So what are you waiting for? Invite the bot and start spicing up your servers!

If You would like to donate me try becoming a patreon here -> https://www.patreon.com/join/mythicalsouls? 

Now let's have a look at some of its commands -
This bot has a lot of commands with different categories some of them are listed here -
Economy  -
・bal, buy, beg, heist, rob, pay, sell, daily, weekly, scout, bet, blackjack, slots, and a lot more.
Music  - 
・play, pause, resume, filter, w-filter, stop, dc, np, search and more.
Fun  - 
・meme, banner, 8ball, aittt, ttt, scrap, animewal and more.
Image  - 
・i spank, i bed, i delete, i paint, i ad and more.
Giveaway  - 
・start [time] [winners] [prize], create, edit, end, reroll.

This bot run online 24/7 and goes down only while I am editing some codes. For additional help join the support server.