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Electric Bot

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Support bot can do everything

Developer: Mega_Hunter#1476 

Prefix: ! can change prefix

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!ticket - open new ticket
!closeticket - close the ticket
prefix? - check the prefix | < command without the prefix resetprefix - reset the server prefix to ! | < command withput the prefix !set prefix - set new server prefix | < command with the prefix !gay @user - Gay a user !lucky - lucky a user !iq - iq a user !emoji - Send a random emoji !avatar @user - Send user avatar !work - Earn Money by working. !bal - See your Balance. !dep num/all - Deposit Money to your Bank. !with num/all - Withdraw Money from the Bank. !crime - Committee a Crime. !rob {user} - Steal other user's money !roulette {amount} red/black Moderation casino commands: !reset money {user} - reset money to a user !add money {user} - add money to a user !messages - check your messages in the server / you can use !messages @user - for messages of user mods only!! !add messages @user - add messages for users !take messages @user - takes messages for users !reset messages @user - reset the messages for users !Members - How many people are on the server !linck youtube - Send a youtube linck !google - Send a google linck !say{massage} - Writes what you wrote !dm {user} {massage} - Write to the person you tagged what you wrote !bot stats - Send the bot stats !youtube {YouTube search} - Search YouTube for what you wrote !drop - Send a random Member !userinfo {user} - Send user info !vote {massage} - Makes a vote about what you wrote !server info - Send the server stats I also have a link blocker if someone sends a link I will drop it !invite - sendd bot invite link !rank - chack you rank on bot (xp,level) !support - give bot support server !clear {message amount} - clear messages !mute {user} {reason} - give chat mutes a user !unmute {user} - unchat mute a user !voise mute {user} - give voise mute a user !unvoise mute {user} - unvoise mute a user !kick {user} {reason} - kicks a user !ban {user} {reason} - bans a user !give role {role} {user} - give role to a user !take role {role} {user} - take role to a user !setjoin {channel} - set channel to join Members !setbye {channel} - set channel to leave Members !joinmsg {message} - set message to join Members !leavemsg {message} - set message to leave Members !autorole {role} - set join Members get role !stoplogs - stop all Welcome programming !setup - set up 2 voice channels with the Members Count and the lest Update in the channels !developers - credit for developers !play , !p - start to play songs !skip , !s - skip the song !stop - stop the song playing !pause - pause the song playing !resume - resume the song paused !loop - loop the song queue !queue - show you the server queue