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FunMemeMusicModerationLoggingLevelingWeb Dashboard

A multi-purpose bot that does many things; including music, logging, leveling, and moderation.

Developer: Rufflys#8405 

Prefix: e!


Eucliwood offers:
* Support for commands in direct messages.
* Guild configuration (prefix, ignored channels, etc...)

  • Extensive logging system (message/channel/role/emoji updates, (un)bans/kicks etc...)
  • Advanced Auto-moderation feature (stop bad words, excessive emojis/mentions/spoilers/caps, server invites etc...)
  • Welcome plugin (send welcome/leave message, give roles etc...)

Eucliwood also adds a new mention like @everyone and @here, the @someone, which allows you to pick a random member of the server!

Many commands

Eucliwood has a lot of features, with 11 categories:

  • Fun: advice, fact, meme, reminder, pokemon and 5 more!
  • Giveaway: g-start, g-reroll, g-edit and g-delete!
  • Guild: avatar, giveaway, server-info, poll, and 4 more!
  • Host: reload, shutdown, addban, eval!
  • Image: blurpify, changemymind, phcomment, stickbug, whowouldwin, threats, and 10 more!
  • Level: leaderboard, rank
  • Misc: about, invite, status, support, and 3 more!
  • Moderation: ban, clear, kick, ticket, warn, report, unmute and 9 more!
  • Music: play, queue, shuffle, seek, lyrics and 12 more!
  • NSFW: Total of 8 commands!
  • Plugins: serverstats, set-(level | moderation | music | nsfw | search) and setlang!
  • Searcher: fortnite, weather, twitch, steam and 4 more!
  • Trivia: startmusictrivia, stopmusictrivia