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Complete bot with Giveaways, Starboard, Suggestions, Moderation and much more to explore~

Developer: Himmel.#8881 

Prefix: r!, Luna

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    Lunary 🌸

Get another multipurpose bot! This time multi-language

    What makes Lunary special?

  • A 3 languages bot with Spanish, English and Portuguese support!
  • A prefix that can be adapted to what you need It may have some limitations, as example, you can't use @here/@everyone
  • The bot is pretty new and has some useful commands! Useless commands, uhh ye, she has them too
  • You said you can change the language, but.. how does it work?

    You just execute r!set language and Lunary will display a message telling you to tap a flag (The one corresponding to the language you want) I will probably add more languages in the future, but for now we only support the 3 languages I said before. Note: The bot will always come with the English language set, since it's his default value.

    It sounds interesting, but what else can Lunary do?

    Can help you with her Totally useful suggestion system™️, to try it just execute r!set suggestions [#Channel] and it will automatically set the channel to the mentioned one.
    If you want to disable them because you didn't like how it works you can always execute r!disable suggestions and Lunary will stop sending the suggestions the users request. Also commands like:

  • r!suggest [Suggestion] - To send your suggestion.
  • r!review [ID] [Approve | Deny] [Reason] - To accept or decline a suggestion sent by an user before. Requires MANAGE_MESSAGES permission to use.
  • r!edit-sug [ID] [New Message] - To edit every little typo or bad example.
  • r!del-sug [ID] - Allows you to delete your suggestion if you don't want them to add that anymore or they already have something like that and you didn't saw. ⚠ If you have the MANAGE_MESSAGES permission you will be able to delete others suggestions.

  • Starboard

    Customizable starboard, with almost full cover of the Discord system allowing you to make your server look unique and with "funny" or important moments saved forever in a special channel without the necessity of posting it personally.

    How to set up?

  • Execute r!set starboard [#channel], change the amount of stars required using r!set min-stars [Amount] and you're done ;)
  • Telll me more:D

    You also have other utilities commands, such as emoji, steal, who-is, channel-info, server-info and an afk command.

      Want to steal an emoji from this guild?

  • Just execute r!emoji :emoji: to get the png or gif file!
    If you don't have nitro and want a gif emoji you can try executing r!emoji Emoji_Name, some emojis won't be the ones you want since the bot can't parse too much emojis with the same name.
    • You want to steal an emoji from another guild without downloading the image?

  • You can always execute r!steal :emoji: and the bot will try to upload the emoji in your guild, note that for this command you also the bot will need to have the MANAGE_GUILD_EMOJIS permission, otherwise the bot will trow an error.
  • Is there more?

    Well- uhh If you want or need more, there are a few interaction commands Which ones have the new reply feature of Discord, In a short list they're pat, hug, cuddle, kiss Soon more..
    Also, some fun and moderation commands

      You want more commands or make a suggestion?
  • You can always join our support server tapping this 3 words.