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Text Voice

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A funny little bot where whenever you say a certain phrase in a sentence it'll play a sound effect in your Voice Channel

Developer: Rawblocky#5845 

Prefix: txt


What is Text Voice?

Text Voice is a funny little bot where whenever you say a certain phrase in a sentence, such as "This is such a bruh moment." or just "bruh", it'll play a sound effect in your Voice Channel! The bot will automatically join once you say one, so you're not required to use the txt join command to make it join.


txt help - Sends the help message

txt join - Makes the bot join your Voice Channel and plays the intro message (If the Text Voice Whitelist role exists, then you'll require either the Text Voice Whitelist role or MANAGE CHANNELS permissions)

txt phrases - Sends you a page of phrases you can use

txt phrases - Searches for a phrase using that search term

txt disconnect - - Disconnects the bot from your current Voice Channel. (Requires MOVE MEMBERS or MANAGE CHANNELS permissions or the Text Voice Whitelist role)

Whitelist Mode

If you want only members who are whitelisted play sounds using the bot, add a role called Text Voice Whitelist to the server and give it to those members. Otherwise, if you want everyone to be able to use the bot, delete the Text Voice Whitelist role if it exists.

Origins of Text Voice

Text Voice is based off of the Roblox script "Chat Voice", which was originally popular back in 2015. I wanted to recreate something similar on Discord but with some extra sound effects.