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Zero One

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Zero One is a new bot useful for many things like moderation and fun, also its Weeb proof!

Developer: JopGamerNL#3526 

Prefix: %

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Zero One Bot

The bot has a wide range of use and can be pretty fun to use with friends, also there are image rolls which mean you can level up each time you roll the same image in a row. You can compete with friends and have fun, also since the bot is new there will be regular updates with possible new features and Database upgrades.

the bot has great uptime, it only goes down for a few seconds if we are working on stuff but it's most likely less than a minute of downtime when we are doing maintenance!

Core features:

  • Advanced Custom embed creation tool!
  • Perfect for moderation!
  • Wide range of random anime/waifu images to roll with more than 3000+ images already!
  • build-in Darling in the Franxx library to quickly watch episodes!
  • Music command with great controlls ( Re-work coming soon )
  • Custom reaction roles!
  • Dynamic changelogs and Bot logs!
  • Fun Economy stuff

Also, this bot is weeb proof but its also usable for non-weebs ;)

For Updates/news and Help please join the support server: Join Support For other help try the Docs & info Want to invite Zero One? click here

Check out the official Website

Since this bot is new we are still adding more features so stay tuned!

(economy stuff is being worked on atm!) ( bot does contain nsfw features but its save to use in sfw servers )