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Alt Detector Avatar

Alt Detector

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A alt detector bot for your server.

Developer: Colderry#4096 

Prefix: a!

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Alt Detector

Alt Detector is a bot for your server that helps you to get rid of alts by notify/taking actions for you.

Information Commands:-

1. a!help = Display all commands of the bot

2. a!ping = Display the current ping of the bot

3. a!uptime = Get the total uptime of the bot

4. a!botinfo = Get some info 'bout the bot

5. a!invite = Get invite link of the bot

Alt Config Commadns (Administrator):-

1. a!channel = Set the alt detecting log channel

2. a!role = Set the notify role. So that you can get a ping when a alt joins

3. a!age = Set the days so that if join user account created less than the days it will detect

4. a!setkick = Enable the kick system for alts

5. a!setban = Enable the ban system for alts

6. a!config = View the current alt configuration of the server

7. a!remove = Remove a alt configuration

## Use a!help to know a detail of a command