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Stocks Bot

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Trade stocks with real-world prices, get information about any stock at any time.

Developer: lovo#5438 

Prefix: ;

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Basic Info!


What it Does:

Trade stocks and crypto at any time with real-world prices. Get information about any stock that you desire, along with getting professional ratings of them, graph command, news. There is endless possibilities with Stocks Bot!


Simulation Commands:

;trade [type] [ticker] [quantity] - Buy a stock with real-world pricing.
;initate - Begin your journey by creating a portfolio!
;portfolio - View your portfolio, see what stocks you own, average price paid, when you bought them.
;alert [type] [ticker] [price] - Set an alert to know when your favorite stock reaches a certain price.
;daily - Claim your daily cash to stay afloat.


Fund Holding Commands:

;13f-list - Complete list of all institutional investment managers by CIK.
;etf-country-weightings [ETF] - ETF Country Weightings.
;etf-holder [ETF] - ETF Holders.
;etf-sector-weightings - ETF Sector Weightings.
;instituional-holder [ETF] - Insitutional Holders.
;mutual-fund-holder [ETF] - Mutual Fund Holders of a company.


Insider Trading Commands:

;failed-delivery [ticker] - See the most recent time a company forgot to deliver data.
;insider-trading [ticker] - People that hold more than 10% of any class of a company.


Market Performance Commands:

;active - See the most active stock currently.
;gainer - See the most activley gaining stock.
;loss - See the most activly dropping stock.
;sectors-performance - See how well all of the sectors are perfoming on the market.


Stock Fundamental Analysis Commands:

;enterprise-value [ticker] - Company quarterly enterprise value.
;financial-ratios [ticker] - Get financial ratios of the mentioned ticker.
;rating [ticker] - Check a rating with said ticker.


Stock news Commands:

;news [ticker] - See the latest news article's regarding the said ticker.
;press-release [ticker] - View official press release's from the said ticker.


Stock Price Commands:

;graph [ticker] - See a graph of the previous 14 day closing prices.
;technical-indicator [ticker] - Technical indicator every minute.
;stock [ticker] - Gett all basic information regarding the said ticker


Stock Statistics Commands:

;analyst-estimates [ticker] - See what profesional's think about the said stock.
;earning-supriuse [ticker] - See the last time said ticker performed better than expected.
;grade [ticker] - See what professionals says about said stock.
;social-sentiment [ticker] - See how well a stock is doing socially


Misc. Commands:

;bug [bug] - Report a bug and maybe receive currency in exhange!
;help - Get a list of all available commands.
;invite - Get an invite for the bot.
;ping - View the bots latency.
;prefix [prefix] - Set a custom prefix for the bot.
;support - If you are having trouble with the bot, join this server for help.
;uptime - View how long the bot has been up for./p>