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The best discord bot for ARK: Mobile!

Developer: DemonSlayer#2485 

Prefix: ?

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If you play ARK Mobile, this is the bot for all your dungeon needs! It updates weekly with each new dungeon map and contains detailed tutorials on all traps, bosses, and other dungeon elements.

Now has support for slash commands!


?help - Lists commands and their uses

?setprefix - Change the bot prefix

?map- Get information about the current dungeon

?dungeon - Detailed information on Dungeons and their variants

?traps - Information and tutorials on dungeon traps

?boss - Thorough documentation on ARK: Mobile bosses

?consumable - Information about consumable items

?equipment - Information about equipment items

?cave - Information about caves

?artifact - Information about artifacts

?threatroom - Information about different threat room types.

?wiki - Search any ARK wiki page