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The ultimate communication tool for Discord. Featuring voice-to-text transcription, text-to-speech, & voice translation

Developer: dzlandis#2278 

Prefix: * or @Scriptly

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You can run *help or @Scriptly help in your server for a list of commands!

Breaking The Communication Gap

Scriptly is changing the way people from around the world communicate on Discord. It provides immersive features such as voice to text transcription, text to speech vocality, and, in the premium version, translation via voice between 2 languages. Scriptly is rapidly expanding to meet demand.


Transcribing Webhook Mode


The premium version of the bot has many features that help improve the experience for our users.

• Translation via voice between 2 people.

• Higher quality transcription (more accurate)

• More fluent TTS (text to speech)

• Longer TTS messages

• Faster transcription

• Priority support in our support server

• Priority access to new features

• And more!

Translating Via Voice