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This bot is an entertainment bot that you can use to compete with friends or share coins with.

Developer: Bakura#1024 

Prefix: ,

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Discord bot for playing with friends and having fun. A virtual world where you can collect virtual coins, happiness and many other things.
Does not do any moderation, just for fun. In this virtual world, you can move around to different places using the ,goto command.
You can do different things in different places, for example you can buy food (which are converted into calories) at the super market. Calories are like your energy in the game where if you run out of calories, you would not be able to do most of the things in the game. Most commands do not have cooldowns and have a cost instead. For example, moving around using the goto command will make you lose calories, so you shouldn't use it too much. Buying food/calories uses coins, which are money in the game. Buying food and collecting coins aren't the only thing you can do. You can collect happiness in diverse ways, one could be going to the amazement park and doing rides. Play the bot to discover more!