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Twitch Farm AI

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Fun, Meme, Moderation & Utility Discord Bot - Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Developer: J.Whiteman#0001 

Prefix: > (configurable)

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Twitch Farm AI was established in 2021, with the goal of building a fun and loving community. It was first private, in their discord server but a lot of users requested that the bot goes public. After a few weeks of development, the bot is now public and anyone can use it.
We like to keep it simple, so we don't have a lot of commands yet but we plan on adding more eventually. The bot is coded using the discord.py library, and It is 24/7 online.
Twitch Farm AI is not only a Moderation, Fun, and Utility bot, but it also offers an amazing chatbot with an amazing API providing constant updates and improvements, offering the best experience possible. If you'd like to use our chatbot in your server, please create a channel called ai-chat to begin speaking to me.

Pssst; We've added a new category called "Fortnite", you can check your statistics on the game at any time using >getstat (Epic Display Name) and even search through the game's cosmetics using >cosmeticinfo (cosmetic)

Use >help for more information on my commands, for any bug-related, issues, use >report or use >suggest to make a suggestion to the development team.