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The most advanced, interactive and highly customizable AI powered Discord Bot! From leveling to chatbot, there is a lot!

Developer: Bolt#8905 

Prefix: .

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Axiol is a highly customizable and interactive easy to use Discord Bot.
The default prefix is a dot . Which is changeable

In case after changing the prefix; you cannot remember what it was, just ping the bot and ask him the prefix just like you would to anyone else!

Key features include:

  • AutoMod
  • ChatBot
  • Fun
  • Giveaway
  • Karma
  • Leveling
  • Moderation
  • Reaction Roles
  • Verification
  • Welcome

Each of the feature above are "plugins", by default half of the plugins are enabled - Chatbot, Giveaway, Fun, Moderation, & Reaction Roles but after the bot joins a server, admins are free to play around with any plugin or change anything!

Apart from plugins, admins are free to change each command with custom permission role required to use it! All of this can be done in the bot itself without any third party medium like a website.


Keep the chat clean! AutoMod provides numerous filters to have a clean and safe to use environment for everyone in the server. From adding banned words to adding mod roles, everything can be changed using the bot itself through commands and interactions.


Using machine learning the bot predicts the most appropriate response for a message and sends it! By default the bot would reply to all pings, and ChatBot channels can be set up which won't require anyone to ping the bot.


Fun commands are a good way to pass some time while enjoying :D Solo and multiplayer cross server type racer is the most advanced and fun game to play while improving your typing speed!


Host as many giveaways as you want quickly!


Using machine learning the bot rates a member's message with positive, negative and neutral score and gives the respective karma to them, a fun way to see who is the nicest member in the server!


Leveling is an easy to use highly customizable plugin, admins are free to change anything they want; from blacklisting channels and configuring alerts to setting up an XP range for members to award. There is also a Bar Chart for top 30 users and Pie Chart for top 10 users!


Manage the server and members quickly and easily. From punishing members to managing roles, power up moderation in your server!

Reaction Roles

Easy to setup, fun to use. For reaction emojis every type of emoji can be used - default, custom, animated, or even the ones deleted after setting it up! Messages can also be marked with unique reactions hence letting members react ones and get one role at a time from a message.


Verification is a highly customizable and easy to setup plugin inside which there are two types of verification available - command verification & bot verification:
With command verification, new members can verify themselves by entering a simple command in the channel ✅
On the other hand bot verification is much more advance and useful to battle against bots where after entering the command a captcha like image with distorted text (good enough for humans to read) is sent, if members enter the correct code from the image, they are verified ✅
Unlike most other bots, this does not create any extra role or permission keeping every simple and safe to edit!


Greet new members with a sweet little welcome! Staff members are free to customize and change the welcome embed card according to their server preference.


Apart from all this there are other useful commands such as stats, about, source and much more! There is no website since everything is in the bot itself (including all leaderboards, settings and permissions). This is to keep everything quick, simple and easy to access.

More detailed information can be founded at the Documentation