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We now have a Discord server!

Consider joining our Discord server to participate in community events, giveaways and more

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BullitBot protects for raids, spam and more. BullitBot also has some fun commands

Developer: Kori#7056 

Prefix: -

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BullitBot Informations
made-with-python made-with-Markdown Discord

BillitBot is a moderation tool for your server. From level system to spam filter

Important! We are currently working on building our bot on interactions. As long as we are not finished the normal ones still work!

  1. General Informations
  2. Admin/Mod Commands
  3. User Commands

General Informations

BullitBot includes many security features for your Discord server, here is a small list of what it can do

  • Performance spam filter
  • Mention spam filter
  • Profanity filter
  • Auto detecting NSFW Images
  • Auto moderation
  • Fun and NSFW Commands

Setup BullitBot

Here you can find a short tutorial how to set up the BullitBot on your server

  1. after invite you will receive a private message
  2. go to a command channel
  3. type -setup

Admin/Mod Commands

Command Description extra informations
example / alias Example description Example informations
setup Configure Bot Type this in a command channel
/settings welcome Enable or Disable the welcome message Slash Command
/settings automod Enable or Disable the automod Slash Command
prefix Change the Prefix ex: -prefix !
clear / cl clear messages ex: -clear 10 ( mods can use too )
changecommand Change the command channel Use the command in the new Command channel
addmod/remod add or remove a mod ex: -addmod @name
kick kick a user ex: -kick @name
ban ban a user ex: -ban @name
unban unban a user ex: -unban Name#0000
addwarn Add warn points to user ex: -addwarn @name 1 ( mods can use too )
rmwarn remove warn points from user ex: -rmwarn Name#0000 2 (mods can use too)
slowmode set slowmode in the channel ex: -slowmode time ( 0 = disable)

User Commands

Command Description extra informations
getprefix Show the prefix -getprefix
/stats Show Profile Stats ( Leveling and more ) Slash Command
/info Show Bot Informations Slash Command
/help bot help Slash Command
/leaderboard Show Top users Slash Command
/banner <value> Show a own banner for the Server Slash Command
slots / bet Play Slots -slot
chuck Give a random Chuck Norris joke -chuck
gif Safe for work Gfs -gif or -gif category
/remind remind in given time with reason Slash Command
/avatar get the profile picture from a user /avatar @name
afk set you afk -afk reason

Radio Commands

Command Description extra informations
/radio play for join in you voice channel Slash Command
/radio leave leave the voice channel Slash Command
/radio stop stop playing Slash Command
/rplaying show what is playing now Slash Command
/stayactive radio not leave Slash Command