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Kanna ✨

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Kanna is an Anime RPG and Economy Discord bot which you can play with it in your free time in your own discord server.

Developer: mira ミラ ❤ ✨#4623 

Prefix: k.

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Kanna is an Anime RPG and Economy Discord bot ⚔️ developed by Mirabellier for fun. Containing over 100+ commands!

🧡 Features:

  • utility: giveaways, urban, weather, youtube and more!
  • ❤️ anime: quote, anime, search
  • 🎩 economy: fish, rob, work, crime and more..
  • 🎮 games: hangman, scramble, roulette, rps and more..
  • 🎮 level: background, level, leaderboard
  • 🎶 music: play, loop, stop, queue and more..
  • 👹 rpg: battle, train, profile, market and more..
  • 📚 info: serverinfo, whois, avatar, servericon and more..
  • 📷 image manipulation: wasted, blur, invert and more..
  • 📸 picture: cat, dog, animepic, art
  • 🛠️ moderation: snipe, logging, addrole, removerole and more..
  • 🤣 meme: meme, drake, boyfriend, changemymind and more..
  • 🤺 actions: hug, smile, slap, kill and more..
  • 🧩 fun: love, joke, alignment, 8ball and more..

Note: To enable boss spawn, do k.redirect

🧡 Links: