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I'm a Fun/Music/Emoji/Moderation/Giveaway or You can say Multipurpose Bot with Lots of Commands! My Help command is oi h

Developer: ROLEX#6596 

Prefix: oi

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Oi's prefix is "oi " by default but you can always use @Oi#8954.

For Updates you can join bot support server!

To get a quick list of commands you can use "oi help". To get extra information about a command use "oi help [command/category]"

Bot has more than 80 usable commands including alot of important features!
Given below is the list of Bot Categories with Commands!

"<>" = required argument | "[]" = optional argument

1. Music - "oi help music"

• oi [play|p] - Loads your input and adds it to the queue; If there is no playing track, then it will start playing
• oi [disconnect|dc] - Disconnects the bot from your voice channel and clears the queue
• oi pause - Pauses playback
• oi [resume|unpause] - Resumes playback
• oi stop - Stops the currently playing track and removes all tracks from the queue
• oi clear - Removes all tracks from the queue
• oi [skip|next] - Skips to the next song
• oi shuffle - Randomizes the current order of tracks in the queue
• oi [loop|repeat] - Starts/Stops looping your currently playing track
• oi [queue|q|que|list|upcoming] - Displays the current song queue
• oi [current|np|playing|track] - Displays info about the current track in the queue
• oi restart - Restarts the current track in the queue
• oi seek - Skips to the specified timestamp in the currently playing track (input: H:M:S)
• oi [volume|vol] [volume] - Sets the player's volume; If there is not input, it will return the current value
• oi remove [end] - Removes all the tracks from the specified start through the specified end (if the end is not specified it will remove only one track)
• oi move - Moves the specified song to the specified position
• oi nodes - Gives full information about the nodes
• oi [changenode|newnode] - Changes the current node to the specified one

2. Useful - "oi help useful"

• oi google - Returns a google link for a query
• oi memlist - Shows Paginated list of all Server Members!
• oi allbots - Shows Paginated list of all Server Bots!
• oi servers - Shows Paginated list of all Server Bot is in!
• oi allcmd - Shows Paginated list of all bot Commands!
• oi emojis - shows all emojis of server!
• oi [messages|activity|msgs] [timeframe=7] [channel] [user] - Command To Check The Amount of Messages Sent By User in a Particular channel in Particular Time Period!
• oi report - Report to Bot Developer
• oi [poll|suggestion] - Creates a Simple Poll!
• oi bigpoll [choices...] - Creates a Big Poll With Multiple Choices!
• oi ping - Shows Bot Ping!
• oi credits - how can we forget this amazing people!
• oi invite - Invite Me!
• oi whois [member] - Shows Breif Detailed Whois of Member
• oi [botinfo|about|info] - Information about bot
• oi vote - No help found...
• oi joinpos [member] - No help found...
• oi banner [member] - Show's a member's banner
• oi [search|g] - Will search the internet from a given search term and return the top web result
• oi [linecount|lc] - Lines of python code used making the bot

3. Fun - "oi help fun"

• oi [members|member_count] - Shows Server Member Count!
• oi fact - Tells a Random Fact!
• oi emoji - Command For Finding The Emojis!
• oi emojisearch - Command For Searching The Emojis With Name!
• oi [avatar|av|pfp] [member] - Shows Avatar of User!
• oi spotify [member] - Shows Spotify Avtivity!!
• oi [echo|mimic|say] - Repeats Your Message also has high cd due to abuse!
• oi [eightball|8ball|magicball|enlightenme] - 8Ball Command!
• oi emojilist - Command For Finding The Emoji Lists with oi emojilist emojiname

4. Image - "oi help image"

• oi hug [member] - Hugs the Member!
• oi hi [member] - Hi's the Member! xD
• oi bye [member] - Bye's the Member! xD
• oi randomgif - Searches for a Random Gif on Trending Gifs and Sends it!
• oi waifu [msg] - Shows Waifu Pics (use > oi waifu gif < for gifs)!
• oi waifugif - Shows gif waifu!
• oi slap [member] - Slaps the Member!
• oi punch [member] - Punches the Member!
• oi dance [member] - Dances the Member!
• oi pat [member] - Pats the Member!
• oi kill [member] - kills the Member!
• oi bully [member] - Bullies the Member!
• oi kiss [member] - kisses the Member!
• oi bonk [member] - Bonks the Member!
• oi cry [member] - Bonks the Member!
• oi roast [member] - Roasts the Member!
• oi [gif|gifs] [gifname] - Shows Gif of the Gif Name Provided!

5. Moderation - "oi help moderation"

• oi [nick|nickname|changenick] [member] [nick] - Changes the nickname of person mentioned!
• oi [purge|clean] - Deletes given amount of messages! [max 999]
• oi kick [reason] - Kicks The Member Mentioned!
• oi lock [channel] - Locks the Channel Mentioned!
• oi unlock [channel] - Unlocks the Channel Mentioned!
• oi unban - Unban a Member!
• oi ban [reason] - Bans the Mentioned Member!

6. Games - "oi help games"

• oi [duel|fight|battle] [member2] - Duel Game Between Two Players!

7. Giveaway - "oi help giveaway"

• oi [gstart|gway|gcreate]
• oi giveaway

So, This are all the commands you can use for your server management and also for fun and music and many more!

Thanks For Using Oi!