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Easy to use but advanced bot. Aims to limit the number of bots in your server with many features in one.

Developer: Black0ut#3144 

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Chromium Bot aims to be the Only Bot You'll Ever Need! What this means is our goal is to limit the amount of bots within ones server.

Chromium uses an extension based plugin system.

What does this mean?

The bot has a main based file as all bots do, but the plugins are run in a cog folder (e.g. Moderation), meaning the bot can be updated without having to restart it. This allows for very little to no downtime. The bot also uses an advanced check system, meaning if the bot was to go down when it comes online, if the bot was added to a server the bot will recognise that and run the normal server add setup functions.


• Moderation
 - Advanced moderation system designed for ease of use. The bot does not currently support auto moderation, but will in due course.
 - Moderation logging channels
 - Supports Temp Commands

• Welcomer
 - Your normal welcoming plugin. Send specific messages to a specific channel when a new user joins your server.
 - Supports features such as, mentioning user, user name, server name.
 - Welcome channel and message can be updated accordingly.

• Music
 - Supports all of your favourite music commands. (play, skip, queue)
 - Able to change the volume of the player specific to your server.
 - Able to shuffle the queue so that songs will be played at random.

• Suggestions
 - Able to send suggestions from your server members to a specific channel. Upvote and downvote them.
 - Disabled by default.
 - Intergrated command cooldown to prevent users from using it to spam.

• Error Handling
 - Advanced error handling so you always know when something has gone wrong and what you can do to fix it.


  - Chromium uses discord role permissions to allow for users to use restricted commands. (E.g. Your role must have the ban permission to use the ban command)
  - Will be updated to allow for certain roles to uses permissions without having the necessary discord permissions.

Feedback and Support:

Chromium is a bot built for its users, which is why we encourage you to give us feedback about your experience with the bot.

• How can I give feedback
 - Join our discord to express your feelings about our bot. You can also have the opportunity to speak one on one with its creator about ideas you have for future updates or general concerns with the bot.
 - We also have an issue command. This always for users to report any bug they have picked up with the bot and report it directly to its staff team. We encourage you to use this command, but be warned, do not abuse it or else you'll be blocked from future usage of the command.

• Support
 - Support is dealt through the bots support server. Please feel free to pop in where you can ask questions about an area you are stuck with, so we can help you resolve your confusion. If basic text talking isn't enough for you, you can also hop in a voice call and talk to a staff member directly.

Upcoming Updates:

• Auto Moderation
• Ticket System
• Giveaways
• Reaction Roles
• Web dashboard integration
 - These updates will come in due course.

We strive to bring you the best quality and performance, Chromium, The Only Bot You'll Ever Need!

Designed By: Black0ut#3144