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Hero RPG

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Start your adventurous journey with Hero RPG, a fun RPG economy bot with many features

Developer: Aro#1221 

Prefix: h!


Hero RPG
You can build a city and explore the surroundings with your hero and army, you are able to do quests, kill minibosses and drop epic loot during your adventures! If you are brave enough you will also be able to raid dungeons, but be warned you may need the help from other heros to take it down.

The bot's main prefix is `h!` however that can be changed using `h!prefix`

It is recommended to follow the tutorial quest using h!quest to get better understanding of the basics.

Example Images of Hero RPG's playthrough

Self explanatory quest tutorial


Participate in miniboss fights with your friends!

Miniboss Fight

Build your own army and recruit soldiers!


And many more features! start your journey now