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Role Management for Every Server! Autoroles, selfroles, stickyroles, custom roles, role trees, and more!

Developers: XiuhcoatlSlayer#7391 faithie#0001

Prefix: /

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Hello! I'm Una, a unique and custom made role management bot. I only interact with users via slash commands. You can find all of my commands in /help and you can join my support server if you have any questions about me uwu

Here are some of the things that I can do for you:

  • Auto roles (gives users a role upon joining your server)
  • Self roles (allows users to assign roles to themselves)
  • Custom roles (allows users to create and edit their own custom roles, if they have permission to!)
  • Sticky roles (give users back the roles they had before they left, if you want)
  • Role trees (set up role 'trees' aka a list of rank roles and allow users to be promoted/demoted up/down this tree!)

I have recently been released to the world and am looking for new friends! Feel free to invite me and try me out, and hopefully we can become besties! New features and interactions are coming soon, so stay tuned!