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My Hero Academia | Hero Legion Avatar

My Hero Academia | Hero Legion

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It's an card game with battle system, with MHA characters

Developer: GeorgePity#0607 

Prefix: !

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MyHero Academy: Hero Legion it's an bot made to have fun, and to fight with your friends or different persons.
Competitive and normal modes. Ranked, Level systems and more.
Unlock heroes and climb up the arena to be the number one in the world Haven't I invited you to play yet?

  • HeroPass system where you can unlock fantastic prizes
  • Events with prizes!
  • You can make diamonds without putting money in the game!
  • New community where we can grow together!
  • Universal level system
  • Rank system containing up to 6 ranks!
  • DailyBonus!
  • Badge System

    HeroPass Season 1 is here!

    Play on battle(normal, rank), collect Exp Pass and complete season 1 heropass. Exclusive items


    Message when the bot enters.

    This message is a thank you message for adding the bot!


    Battle Mode (Normal, Ranked, Event)

    The command is accessible to any player who has an account on mha: herolegion. Where can you play on normal or ranked matches!