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Scan links and URL's using our advanced detection methods. Collection of tools for cybersecurity.

Developer: FloppaFloppaFloppa#2627 

Prefix: v!

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Virtue is the best cybersecurity bot with many tools and features for anyone to enjoy.

  • Analyzing Links with Virtue check The Check command will scan your link using Google Safe Browsing and get the Phish Score (our advanced method of detecting phishing links) of your link.

Scanning a legitimate link:

Both Google and Phish Score will tell you that this website is indeed safe.

Scanning a phishing link:

Both Google and Phish Score think it is a phishing, unsafe website.

This feature will benefit you and your server (once Automod is out).

  • Analyzing Files with Virtue scan with File Attachment Coming soon. It will use VirusTotal API to scan files.
  • Check if a Password has been Breached pass in Private Messages Data isn't stored in any way and is hashed when sending to server for check.

Checking a very commonly used password:

It has been breached over a million times.

Checking a secure password (random characters):

Never breached. Most likely safe to use.


Using Have I been pwned API. You will get the same results as going here: https://haveibeenpwned.com/Passwords

  • Whois whois Whois can be used to trace back an owner of a site, details about it and more.

Whois checking a phishing site:

We get an email of the owner of a phishing website, the country, dates and more. We can also find where it's hosted and then report it to the host.

  • Prefixes

Prefixes can be changed for every server. It will only work in the server it's changed on.

  • Help Command

Pages are used to get help on every command. It will get revamped soon.