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Hypo's The Bot Avatar

Use ''/'' Commands For The Best, If You Type ''/'' There Are Some List Of All The Bot Can Do And We Are Still Updating The Bot And Dashboard, Premium And Other, So Stay Tuned For Our Awesome Update Bot.

''/add-money'' Add Currency To A Members Balance. ''/addrole'' You Can Add Member Role. ''/ban'' Ban User. ''/build'' Upgrade The Bot. ''/bump'' Bump Your Server. ''/check-balance'' Check the Balance Of Another Member. ''/clearwarnings'' Clear ALL Warnings Of A Member. ''/daily'' Claim Your Daily Bonus. ''/giphy'' Search For GIFS On Giphy. ''/give'' Gives Another Member Dollars From Your Balance. ''/help'' Get The List Of The Commands. ''/imgur'' Search For Pictures On Imgur. ''/invite'' Return The Invite Link For The Bot. ''/kick'' Kicks A Member. ''/leaderboard'' Ruturns The Server Economy Leaderboard. ''/level'' Get Your Current Level. ''/levels'' Get Your Servers Level Leaderboard. ''/logs'' Check our website logs. ''/ping'' Return The Ping For The Bot. ''/purge'' Purges Message In A Channel. ''/qna'' Q&A The Bot. ''/remove-money'' Removes Currency From A Members Balance. ''/removerole'' Remove A Role From A Member. ''/report'' Report A Member. ''/say'' Broadcast A Message In A Channel. ''/softban'' Soft Ban A Member. ''/status'' Check The Bot Status. ''/suggest'' Creates A Suggestion. ''/support'' Go To Our Support Link. ''/twitch'' Search For Streamers On Twitch. ''/warn'' Warns A Member. ''/warnings'' Gets The Warnings Of A Guild Member.

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