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Blocking known antiphishing/malware/virus domains and ability to block unknown link based on websites content.

Developer: Sasiko#1234 

Prefix: /

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What the bot does


Simple to setup using slash commands. Bot operates using 2 different phishing APIs and several different APIs to mitigate known/unknown links.

Besides utilizing APIs that block known domains, server owners are also able to block any kind of websites using contentscan comand (custom flagging). By configurating your blacklisted keywords, this feature can go beyond flagging domains which may not be phishing/virus/trojan links. Content Scan flags any domains depending on the html content inside of the website and match against your blacklisted keywords. This means you don't even need to know the exact url to block bad links.

The feature can be useful for example blocking some youtube links that specifically have video titles such as: "free discord nitro", "get free steam games" "how to become rich with mining".


By default, the bot works without any configurations however if you wish to see logs when bot sanction a users and adjust type of punishment then setting up the bot can be a good idea.

Step 1

/logchannel set-channel channel:

Step 2

/punishment set scanner:

You are done configurating!


/logchannel set-channel channel

This should be the first command you should execute. Configure to a channel where the bot can send logs of deleted messages.

/logchannel show-channel

Show what channels it is currently configured to, if any.

/contentscan add-keywords

Content scans basically scans all domains except youtube links as it uses a separate function. By adding keywords, the bot will download websites html content and match it against your blacklisted keywords.

/contentscan list-keywords

Showcase the amount of keywords you configured.

/contentscan remove-keywords

Remove the keywords from bot current list. If you added this in your phrase "apple, potato", then you need to type exactly that to remove those keywords.

/ignorechannel add-channel

Bot will not scan anything in that channel. Useful for staff channels to discuss about the links.

/ignorechannel list-channels

Showcase a list of amount of channels you chosen to ignore.

/ignorechannel remove-channel

Remove listed channels.

/ignorerole add-role

Bot will not scan any of the users messages that contains links if they have a ignored role.

/ignorerole list-roles

Showcase a list of amount of ignored roles

/ignorerole remove-role

Remove ignored roles

/punishment set

Configure punishment type the bot should issue when punishing a user.

/punishment view

Display what punishment the bot is currently configured to.

/whitelist add-domain

Add whitelisted domain where bot will ignore scanning that specific domain.

/whitelist list-domains

Showcase a list of whitelisted domains.

/whitelist remove-domain

Remove a domain from the whitelist

/youtube add-keywords

Uses a different api to fetch the data from youtube contents. Same concept as content scan commands, add keywords and it will match it against the content the bot will scan on youtube links.

/youtube list-keywords

Showcase a list of keywords you configured.

/youtube remove-keywords

Remove youtube keywords.

Custom flagging features:

Commands that are custom flagging:

/youtube add-keywords keywords:

/contentscan add-keywords keywords: //Scans any kind of domains/links

If executing this command with "orange, apple, banana", this will count as 1 phrase!

The bot will use these 3 separate words and try match against the html content from a domain. It doesn't matter which order these words are posted. As long as the html content contains all of these 3 words, the bot will flag that domain and sanction the user accordingly.

You can configure additional phrase such as "gold, red, yellow, pink, purple" which means the bot will then scan websites content for any of these phrases.

Note that the bot will not flag the website if the content does not contain all words from the same phrase. Example if the html content contains these words only:

Phrase 1 gold, red Phrase 2 apple

Then the bot will not flag the url. It must contain all words from the specific phrases to flag a domain.