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A multi-purpose bot for literally anything you want.

Developers: sculex#2505 antos#2503

Prefix: $

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Hi there, I'm presenting you Shard 👋
Shard Bot Preview

### I'm Renat aka SculeX, I'm 19 yrs, and I'm a discord.js developer
  • 🔭 I just launched my first project: Shard!
  • 🌱 It has a lot of commands separated by categories:
  • 👻 Fun
  • 🧰 Utility
  • 🏖 Images
  • 📶 Leveling
  • 💸 Economy
  • 🔨 Moderation
  • ⚙️ Configuration
  • And more stuff!

Shard Bot Preview Shard Bot Preview

Contact Us:

sharded.cf renaaaaatul | Instagram SculeX | Instagram