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Specialized bot dedicated to bring cute sfw anime pics directly from popular artists including memes!

Developer: Gofven [RSI Rehab 2019]#0001 

Prefix: \

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GofvenX's purpose is to bring cute sfw anime pics to the discord community directly from popular artists in well-known websites (such as pixiv, twitter, and more!), including sources to every image sent! GofvenX also includes the ability for users to bookmark their favorite images and find images by tags! GofvenX is currently free, It's just two clicks away and you've got the full experience!

We do also have memes onboard, but sadly there's no sources due to the nature of memes :c

Current update: 2019-06-20 - Library expansion & Kemonomimis overload! Visit website for more info [work in progress]: https://gofven.net/bots!

1000+ images & sources, from
well-known artists!


  • Access to 1000+ cherrypicked high-quality sfw images!
  • Source to all sfw images with a single command!
  • Sort your search by tags!
  • A wide range of crappy memes!
  • Bookmark your favorite images and share it with others!
  • Regular updates with tons of new images and features!


Basic Commands

  • \sfw

    - Sends a random sfw picture
  • \sfw neko

    - Sends a random nekomimi picture (cat girl ^^)
  • \sfw kemo

    - Sends a random kemonomimi picture (girls with animal ears ^^)
  • \sfw kitsu

    - Sends a random kitsunemimi picture (fox girl ^^)
  • \source

    - Sends source of the latest image sent in current channel from GofvenX
  • \gettrash

    - Sends some crappy memes

  • \bm [imageID] [customName]

    - Bookmarks the image and saves it to your own library
  • \bm list [pageNumber]

    - Lists all your saved bookmarks
  • \bm del [imageID]

    - Deletes a bookmark from your library
  • \sfw [imageID]

    - Shows an sfw picture with given imageID

Special Commands

  • \sfw tags tag1, tag2, ..., tag(n)

    - Sends a random sfw picture with the current tags
  • \source imageID

    - Gets source from imageID (found above every sfw pic)

For more information & commands, please visit https://gofven.net/bots
2019-09-14: A huge update is incoming...